Unofficial Reserve Update

Mr Mallo
5 min readApr 12, 2024

DeFi proliferation, ATH RToken TVL, Lending RTokens

Happy Friday everyone — I’ve got a very limited amount of time and a lot to get through as Reserve appears to be spreading through DeFi at an exponential rate. All this an Ugly Cash is 2 main points short of launch. Exciting times — next few weeks could be pretty wild.

  • Memory lane
  • TVL
  • Partnerships
  • Ugly Cash
  • AOB

Memory lane

Last year saw ETH+ make an entrance

The fledgeling is now growing at an alarming rate. 7 days + 8.75%

Read on for even more possibilities.

2 years ago we were… well on to 3 years ago.

The memory is gone

3 years ago — one of my favourite Reserve merchant ads


New ATH for RTokens — we hit $60M and have dropped off a bit but still very high.

Reserve rising in DeFiLlama rankings as well


Wow — 4 main ReserveProtocol tie ups : — new lending and borrowing markets open up for RTokens

I had a quick sneak on

You can just create an open market offer of a loan. I’m obviously going to make it….

Next up Fyde Treasury — offering DAOs to deposit ETH+

So the increased mint limit on ETH+ and DAO deposits makes for ETH+ to take the lead on TVL?

Another ETH+ incentive!

GAINZ! Crazy numbers for ETH+

Also a listing with which ranks and aggregates protocols

And Reserve is straight in there!

And — hot news — Reserve is back on Reddit!

Remember the Arbitrum vote? Well now it’s on the governors and it looks like it will pass

Nektar Network (Diva Staking?) had a X Spaces discussion on their bsdETH RToken

And another! Extra Fi have a vote on getting hyUSD and eUSD in a pool! Great — if the waters warm enough I’ll swap from Beefy!

Ugly Cash

New newsletter is out — I’ll just post the highlights :

So a STACK of stuff ongoing and only 2 things left to GTM

Nevin’s reaction :

This means they are FAR MORE LIKELY to hold an eUSD balance because they can spend it directly from the card. Awesome. Saving account soon? hyUSD? USD3?

Incentives also look great — all in-app.

Looking forward to the first official new users.


Official welcome to Web 3 Dollar

Read up on rgUSD here

This is a great use-case — easy liquidity and instant rewards to designated locations i.e. the pools you want to incentivise. This has the possibility of being a real go-to for people who want to get liquidity for their stablecoins.

I’m going to have to call it a day — dinner beckons! Thanks for reading!