Reserve Unofficial Update

Mr Mallo
4 min readMar 1, 2024

TVL, PaRtNeRsHiPz, ETH Denver, The Defiant and MORE

We’re leading with the numbers — Ed.

Just back from ETH Denver? No? Well find out all about it.. as well as MASSIVE YIELD and all the goings on in ReserveTown.

  • Memory lane
  • More partnerships
  • ETH Denver
  • TVL
  • 20Bn RSR / Ugly Cash + AOB

Memory Lane

2021 heralded Marzo — and free entry to the App

2022 had over half a million users

And last year was ETH…….. Denver!

eUSD was TVL of just over a million…

So 18x first year — not bad.


New — Redacted Cartel

Already sitting at $175k TVL

Yet more use cases for ETH+, which is flying in TVL terms

Last weeks bsdETH launched — now?

It’s on Base — small tx is fine

Any yield incentives out there?

Prediction : ETH RTokens will double in TVL in the next 6 months.

And we’re only getting warmed up…

StakeDiva published a video on how to get to the Gainz

ETH Denver

A list!

So focus on stablecoins and governance — with a bit of regulation suggestion thrown in.

We also have some alpha interview from our roving team at Sovereign Stack.

Once everyone’s back we’ll get more feedback from the events.


Oh yes — numba go up.

As you can see — the green shoots of DeFi summer are starting to break through.

The race for #1 TVL is ON
Reserve rises up DeFi TVL ladder

All in all a good week.

20Bn RSR / Ugly Cash

It’s official — there will be 20Bn RSR available through smart contracts to enable growth of the protocol — how those smart contracts work we don’t know yet but there might be a mixture of linear availability and exponential availability — more to come, but Thomas outlined the thought process to the Defiant in a video interview :

But we knew this, right? ha. Governed by the community, so incentivised for growth.

Ugly Cash

Things are hotting up

Notice the REWARDS. This is the eUSD part of Ugly Cash — LATAM users have eUSD custodied. Look out for block mints once people start to keep $$ in their accounts.


Head over to comment on the great basket swap for hyUSD


Fred is on fire 🔥

And I think it’s time for some après ski — ooh soo smooth — just like a daytime tv presenters links.

Thanks for reading!