Reserve Unofficial Update

Mr Mallo
5 min readFeb 2, 2024

ETH+ on fire, Jobs, Epoch Island, The Defiant

Well, after the BIG NEWZ of last week — has it sunk in yet? There are a few ideas floating around for funding so I think we’ll see quite a few applications, which will be great to follow.

This week sees PaRtNeRsHiPz — more later!

  • Memory lane
  • TVL
  • PaRtNeRsHiPs
  • A fair sized AOB

Memory lane

2021 saw the first advert for Country Director — Mexico, as well as many more positions.

Next month we’ll be into the first Medium articles from 2021— woah.

2022 gave us 480k users

It *can and has* been done

And 2nd spot in the Android app rankings for finance. Ugly Cash still in stealth mode, but some positive noises coming out of there.

2023 — and some progress on all clear

as well as some truly amazing transaction stats

Sadly Venmo is still going, but not internationally ;-) It’s easy to forget that an App in Venezuela was transacting more than localbitcoins globally — and here probably more than at the peak. If that’s not product market fit for ‘crypto’ I don’t know what is. People want ‘money’ not erratic tokens.

This was a good one


A good week for ETH+, not so for hyUSD however stay tuned, kids.

ETH+ now at $7.3M TVL — wow. And we’re just getting started. Might be something to do with Taylor Swift

I’ve slipped in a PaRtNeRsHiP — be sure to collect them all!

We’re getting into the tasty level of rewards now — wen $1M?

If you’ve staked on eUSD for 1 year, you’ve had a haircut and are up 6.78% on the deal.

Read more here


Ok so we already have the ETH+ highest rate through 0xconcentrator, but wait, there’s more!

Looking good on Base for eUSD here.

Next is Epoch Island :

That’s right — potentially $8.5M hyUSD

Reserve now owns the second most veSDT

So more boosting. Reserve now has a significant position in DeFi liquidity boosts. Phase 1 is moving along nicely.


Plenty going on here, so get ready.

ETH Denver — of course. got a UI update- it’s great

Maybe even one day we’ll get each token rating from BlueChip. There’s a proposal to change out the USDT in eUSD

Nevin is explaining Confusion Capital

Reserve is hiring

TheDefiant had a podcast with Thomas

I wonder if the prompt was ‘basket of currencies’.

Ever wondered about the use-case argument for fintech in LATAM? Great write up and analysis of someone who created a fintech app but has given up on it and I think may be talking to Gabo as we read…

An extract from this — delivering real value — how about zero cost on ramp, zero cost off ramp and zero cost remittances.

Ok — so RWA — FortunaFi are projecting stablecoin madness

Lastly, Larry unfortunately got phished — so be VERY careful even with Rabby

224k views — woah.

Flamingo is continuing with his (it’s?) great series of mini interviews

And…… it’s gone.