Reserve Unofficial Update

Mr Mallo
5 min readMar 8, 2024

TVL ATH, Arbitrum Launch? A birthday… and MORE

Happy Friday all! Market heating up — yes!

We continue to see TVL go up and it’s looking like Reserve will be spreading to pastures new… read on!

  • Memory lane
  • Arbitrum
  • TVL
  • AOB

Memory lane

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

This marks the third year of medium updates :yikes: — proof, if proof be need be here :

Narrative? You’re not Charles Dickens ffs

If you have read them all I feel for you!

So in 2021 we were Marzo onboarding, 2022 had the big protocol change from mint / burn to separate RTokens with governance and staking. I think that was THE genius move — the proof is current RTokens with > $1M TVL : SIX!

Revenue from individual staking : $720k buying back RSR. Self healed eUSD on USDC depeg.

2022 was laying the groundwork — Curve guage submission

Now inflows to RTokens are really working.

Then and now — that curve pool


Out of the blue, we suddenly get an X post

Which is a proposal from Reserve (River0x) which plans to deploy the Protocol on Arbitrum! Yes! It’s got the successful track record on Base so I don’t see any real issues. What does this bring? Well, TVL TVL and TVL and of course exposure for the Protocol — let’s have a quick look at Arbitrum :

It’s another L2 so low fees like Base but has been around longer so has significantly higher TVL — $3.5Bn to Base’ $688M

Considering Reserve’s Base TVL is $4M at present and has only been there for 5 months, then we can project Arbitrum could easily reach $20M, but there are more projects and more liquidity so it could beat that I’m sure. Indeed, based on the efficiency of current incentives on Base, Reserve project $100M!!!

GitHub also has the release ready to go :

Yay! Code!

Here’s the full application :


Another ATH — ETH has gained in value, but minting is still going strong.

Amazing stuff — $100M by end of April?

Lets have a look at the rest of the numbers this week.

We also saw the flippening — ETH+ now the biggest RToken

As an aside I tried out LPing this week — I’ll do a separate article on how-to, but the hyUSD — eUSD vault on Beefy Finance is HOT

If you could stay away please I’d like all the GAINZ.


Nevins done another video — this time on what should be tokenized

Now — if you are on Discord then you will know about the AMA for Akshat Mittal — link to Discord here :

Some interesting things coming up — noticeably GROWTH. I like the fact that Akshat also mentions the talent in Reserve — much like Thomas did.

Great stuff from Fred as usual

Now, in my first Medium article I referenced a podcast — and I’ll put it here as well because it’s still relevant :

It’s how to scale — it was referencing the App at the time, but it applies to Ugly Cash and Reserve Protocol as well — and the Protocol is benefitting from putting good roots down and now seeing the ability to scale at pace. Worth a listen.

And there you go — hasn’t 3 years just FLOWN by?

Thanks as ever for reading and look out for the LP article!