Reserve Unofficial Update

Mr Mallo
6 min readFeb 23, 2024

2 new RTokens!, TVL!, ETH Denver! Register Update! Credit Card!

Slowly, then all at once.

Happy Friday Rangatonis — are we based? Based we are.

Let’s get on with it then…

  • Memory lane
  • TVL
  • bsdETH
  • iUSD
  • Register — err,
  • AOB

Memory lane

last year — history — all clear and eUSD is formed and minted. Wow — is it a year ago?

Feb 2023…….Feb 2024

So we started with around half a million in TVL and 58M RSR staked — now we’re at $18M and 3.9b staked. We’ve got Ugly Cash rolling out as well which will use eUSD.



Oh well, Marzo was just around the corner, but it is again!


When we get into March, the 15th in 2021 was my first ever Medium article — I’ll raise a glass.


Numba go up

DeFi is awaking from it’s slumber it seems, and the stablecoin pick and shovels seller this cycle is…. Reserve — we’ll, it’s free but you get the gist.

So maybe we’ll see more RTokens and more TVL, which means more yield, more stakers, more rewards, more RSR bought from a finite supply from the market and ….. oh you get it.

ETH+ is on fire again

At this rate it’ll be the largest RToken soon. Of course helped as ETH goes up in value.

eUSD currently returning 9.6% to stakers — not shabby at all.

I keep saying it, but a TVL of 5x from here at $250M in Reserve would impact that significantly — especially as there’s only about 12Bn RSR across exchanges. Would we see 25% staked? Maybe.

B A S E D — E T H

New RToken number #1 in collaboration with Diva staking.

Rewards early are Diva tokens based on early investor amounts

Here’s the roadmap

Current TVL in Diva is $46.5M

It’s on Base as well — and is the first one as far as I’m aware. Let’s keep an eye on that one as ETH+ on ETH is going great guns.

You can even join a call to find out more!

Proof — if proof be need be


Yes, London busses and all that — you wait ages for one (apologies — UK centric joke).

Aaand it’s NOT GONE. Here’s the breakdown

So, on Base again and that means super low fees. What is Buzzaar?

I’ll report back!

Now the protocol has been out a year, ideas are coming to fruition — it’s not just about printing an RToken and trying to get it used, it’s integrating it into something more, like an entire ecosystem or a way of transacting. Here we can see that an RToken is going to be integral to a product. We know about the charity RToken which is coming up — again built into an ecosystem of payments. These things take time, but the seeds planted last year are now starting to take fruit.

Well Reserve have put their name to the app and portal to RTokens — makes sense. And it’s had a revamp — lets have a look round..

First up is newer look and feel to RTokens

A hover popup shows breakdown

Click on an RToken and you get REAL WORLD NAMES for collateral not sqcb4iod8CUSD

You also get a BlueChip rating and explanation of the underlying

Also explanation of the platforms involved

You also get Yield locations aggregated

You get a great amount of info in a very simple way — I love it.

Here’s the first incarnation.

The olden days — afraid of colour it seems!

Nicely highlighted by Dollar Question


Now then!

ETH Denver events dropping like hot potatoes

That tweet has all the events — but there are 5 main ones.

More rangatonis

Smeddy’s out of his box — weather must be getting better

There was an AMA on Discord with Taylor — Lead Protocol Engineer, included some technical thoughts but also a playlist!

What’s your go to song/playlist when youre in the zone working on the protocol?

I love this question, really getting to the serious stuff…I’ve always preferred listening to heavy music, but it’s also important during active development time to avoid too much vocals, so the kinds of things I would be listening to might be:

Braden has signed up for an Ugly Cash Debit Card :

Apparently he’s got $1000 dollars to give to the first person who gets an account in Mexico to make the first cross-border payment ;-)

And we’re there…. phew. Late one today and now I’ve got to skedaddle home.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.