Reserve Adoption Update

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Memory Lane

*Ashington colliery brass band plays
Pretty much genesis


Chadia. And a lamb.
Nearly 9000 reviews

Adoption / Payroll

This week, the number is mostly 658,535

1 flame — it’s just business as usual

GitHub / Audit

Yes — 7% remaining


Thought I’d add a bit about the backing behind the 3 stablecoins that make up 1 RSV currently.

Tick in the box — massive liability on BitGo

Privacy L2

Still awake?


McDonalds? Hiring?
You could go shopping with this and throw milky ways out of it


I’ll be fairly quick on this

Token Release

I’ll keep putting these out now — they get updated on a Sunday.

Kidney Transplant

Amazing news — the Hernandez’ are out of hospital after the successful kidney transplant — a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed — this is so much more important than watching charts and drawing lines, so it’s really great to know the community has helped this happen.

It’s been a long road.



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