Reserve Adoption Update

We’re all keen to see mainnet launched and can keep up with the dashboard — What’s left to do in your words

You’ve got auditors on a retainer — How long do you think it will take to audit?

What has been the most challenging part of the mainnet build?

What is your take on the Luna / Celsius situation?

Does the potential timing of the merge affect their approach to launch? Novice question but is there significant work required on Reserve’s end to partake in the change seamlessly?

How long do you think it will take for an appropriate L2 to be identified and used for on-chain RSV transactions — obviously privacy is a major factor, but so it finality and speed — what are you looking for in an L2? Follow up — what sort of volume of transactions need to be supported and is that currently possible? For example credit card networks can settle 5,000 transactions per second.

Jack Dorsey is moving into Web5.0 — stating ETH as a ‘single point of failure’ — an interesting take. Say ETH slows badly and fees go parabolic — how does Reserve, which needs to last for generations protect itself from the fate of ETH?

Talking to Bakufu Ninja a few weeks ago, he mentioned having booked in dev resource for enhancements in functionality — can you mention some other developments have you got penciled in after mainnet?

Anything you are looking forward to particularly in the Reserve roadmap?

What are your general thoughts on trends in crypto for the next year?

Insta this week — for a change
Two — how odd.
This is not what I ordered, waiter
That’s right — blame Luna ;-)
Thanks Do Kwan — antifragile
More stuff
Getting bigger by the month — wen UK?
Yeah the price is anyone’s guess but on true earnings a PE ratio of 100 isn’t bad. $57k a year isn’t bad either ;-) No screenshots!



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